What Is FDUSD And Where Can You Get It?

What Is FDUSD And Where Can You Get It?


Protecting investments against market fluctuations and uncertainties is crucial for crypto users. In response to this need for stability, stable coins were created to offer a buffer against the volatility that plagues the crypto markets. Among the new entrants is FDUSD, a stable coin created by First Digital Lab that combines stability, speed, and blockchain technology to transform global financial transactions. This article will explore the unique features of FDUSD and discuss its potential to change crypto trading. 


First Digital Group Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong, leads the development of the FDUSD stable coin. As a financial technology leader, the company offers services ranging from custody to restructuring and has been recognized as an "Emerging Giant in Hong Kong" by industry leaders like KPMG and HSBC, as noted in the 2022 "Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific" report.

Its subsidiary, First Digital Labs, specializes in developing digital currencies and launched the FDUSD stable coin in June 2023 through FD121. This initiative aims to transform global finance by capitalizing on the stability and innovation of advanced digital currencies.

What is First Digital USD (FDUSD)?

FDUSD maintains its stability by being pegged 1:1 to the USD. This peg ensures that the value of the reserve assets backing FDUSD always matches or exceeds the total number of stable coins in circulation. The latest reserve report, from March 2024, can be accessed here. FDUSD operates on both the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain (BSC) networks and is fully backed by cash and cash equivalents held by an audited custodian.

Since its launch, FDUSD has achieved a market capitalization of $390 million as of September 2023 and is available for trading in over 16 pairs across various centralized exchanges (CEXs). The FDUSD team’s strategic plans include expanding to more blockchain networks and increasing listings on both centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), enhancing the stable coin's reach and availability.

There are different ways for different groups to acquire FDUSD. For institutional investors, key financial intermediaries, or professional investors, FDUSD is available through direct channels that meet specific criteria. Retail users can purchase FDUSD directly from First Digital Labs or through secondary markets, including platforms like Gate.io, PancakeSwap, BingX, Nominex, and others. 

How FDUSD Works

For every unit of FDUSD in circulation, an equivalent amount of USD is securely held in reserve by First Digital Trust Limited, the designated audited custodian for FDUSD. This arrangement ensures smooth redemption for users. FDUSD's smart contract uses the widely recognized ERC-20 token standard and undergoes rigorous audits conducted by Peckshield to bolster its reliability and security.

To enhance accessibility, FDUSD is issued on both the Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain networks. Users also have the flexibility to integrate FDUSD into smart contracts, facilitating faster and more seamless transactions.

Use Cases Of FDUSD

FDUSD offers a wide array of uses. Its stable nature makes it an excellent option for digital remittances, providing a cost-effective and reliable way to transfer value internationally. Additionally, it acts as a flexible payment solution for merchants who need efficient and seamless transaction processing.

Beyond these practical applications, FDUSD also plays a pivotal role in DeFi. It enables users to engage in yield farming, participate in lending and borrowing platforms, and generate liquidity through strategic investments, showcasing its broad utility and potential for growth. 

FDUSD's adoption within DeFi platforms is still in the early stages. Its recent integration with the Sui network is part of a strategic move to deepen its presence in the decentralized landscape.

Additionally, fixed income protocols such as Term Structure are beginning to explore the possibility of accepting FDUSD as collateral, indicating growing interest and potential expansion of its use.

Advantages of FDUSD Stable Coin

FDUSD is built on several foundational principles: cost-effectiveness, stability, speed, security, and programmability. Each plays a crucial role in its functionality and appeal.


FDUSD offers minimal transaction fees, typically ranging from 0.1% to 1% on various exchanges, though each exchange sets its own fee structure. This is a stark contrast to traditional financial systems, where transaction fees can range from 2% to 5%, making FDUSD a more economical choice for users.


The primary appeal of stable coins like FDUSD lies in their ability to protect against price fluctuations. During bear markets, traders often convert volatile assets into stable coins to preserve value. This stability provides a critical safeguard for traders’ investments.


FDUSD transactions are notably fast. Traditional banking processes can be cumbersome, involving intermediaries and multiple stages that delay transactions, sometimes taking 1–3 days. Conversely, FDUSD transactions on networks like the BNB chain, which supports up to 2,200 transactions per second, are processed almost instantly. This rapid processing enables merchants to receive FDUSD payments swiftly and traders to execute trades quickly, enhancing the efficiency of financial transactions across the board.


The programmability of FDUSD allows for the integration of smart contracts that automate tasks within the blockchain ecosystem, such as escrow services and decentralized exchanges. This capability facilitates complex financial products and services without the need for manual intervention or intermediaries, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Asset Security (SAFU)

Ensuring the security of user assets is paramount. FDUSD's assets are protected in fully segregated, bankruptcy-remote structures to shield them from financial disturbances. Moreover, the oversight by First Digital Trust Limited, an independent trust company based in Hong Kong, ensures strong protection and compliance with regulatory standards, boosting investor confidence.


FDUSD is redeemable, meaning users can convert their digital tokens back to traditional fiat currency at any time. This feature offers flexibility and trust, allowing users to switch back to a stable, widely recognized fiat currency as needed, unlike some digital payment systems that may restrict withdrawals or have cumbersome redemption processes.

Potential Risks of FDUSD

Given recent incidents like the LUNA crash and the de-pegging of UST, it's crucial to recognize the potential risks associated with FDUSD to ensure a well-rounded perspective.

Regulatory Uncertainty

Stable coins operate in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. This can introduce uncertainty and the possibility of legal challenges as regulations evolve.

Price Volatility

Despite their design for stability, stable coins are not immune to risks. There is always a possibility that the value of the underlying assets might fluctuate, potentially impacting the stability of the stable coin.

Counterparty Risk

Many stable coins rely on third-party institutions for backing. If these institutions encounter financial difficulties, the stability and integrity of the stable coin could be compromised.

Technology Risks

Blockchain technologies, while generally secure, are not immune to hacks and security breaches. These incidents typically target platforms and applications such as cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and decentralized applications (DApps). For instance, the Deus Finance security breach on May 5, 2023, resulted in a loss of over $6 million from its stable coin, DEI. The breach was traced back to a vulnerability in the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and was exacerbated by a malicious bot, leading to significant financial loss.

Is First Digital (FDUSD) A Sound Investment?

FDUSD has shown notable growth with a market capitalization of $462 million in just a few months, according to CoinGecko. Although it hasn't reached the listing breadth of established stable coins like USDT and USDC, the recent decision by Binance to phase out BUSD may boost FDUSD's adoption. Furthermore, the strategic vision detailed in FDUSD's whitepaper, including forming partnerships with exchanges, payment processors, wallet providers, and DeFi projects, points to a promising future. These partnerships could increase FDUSD's market accessibility and utility, which could enhance its adoption and usage significantly.

However, while FDUSD presents growth potential, it's essential to conduct thorough research and consult financial experts before considering it as an investment option. This assessment is for informational purposes only and not investment advice.


FDUSD, a stable coin developed by First Digital Lab, aims to enhance global financial transactions with its stability, speed, and security features. Anchored 1:1 to the USD and backed by audited reserves, FDUSD offers a reliable alternative for digital remittances and serves various roles in the DeFi sector. Despite its recent market cap growth to $390 million and operational expansion on multiple blockchain networks, FDUSD faces challenges like regulatory uncertainty and potential security risks. As it navigates a competitive market and regulatory landscape, FDUSD continues to strive toward broader adoption and technological integration.