Unveiling the Next Frontier: Term Structure's 'ZK Roast-up' Event Illuminates Revolutionary ZK-Rollup Innovations

Unveiling the Next Frontier: Term Structure's 'ZK Roast-up' Event Illuminates Revolutionary ZK-Rollup Innovations

Term Structure, a non-custodial fixed-income protocol that facilitates fixed-rate, fixed-term, and peer-to-peer borrowing and lending on Ethereum, recently organized the "ZK Roast-up: Unleash the Power of ZK Rollups" event. This meetup, which drew an audience of over 250, was a collaborative effort with HashKey Capital, BTQ, Zomma Protocol, and Polygon Labs, and received support from StarkNet and Reddio. It highlighted the newest developments and trends in Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology.

As the event began, Jerry Li, the CEO and co-founder of Term Structure, encouraged the attendees to explore how integrating zk-rollups with fixed-income protocols can lead to innovation in decentralized finance (DeFi). The event brought together a diverse group of professionals, from founders and CTOs to scientists, business development executives, investment specialists, researchers, engineers, and academics. Keynote discussions covered a range of topics such as the zkTrue-up design, StarkNet Appchains, cryptographic proofs of solvency for centralized exchanges, and mobile proving techniques. Moreover, the event included panel discussions with experts analyzing current and future uses and potential research directions for ZK-rollups.

Speakers and Panelists

The event's success highlighted the growing enthusiasm and potential of ZK technology in improving the efficiency and scalability of blockchain networks. ZK-rollups, by compressing and securely uploading transaction data to the blockchain, minimize gas fees and increase transaction speed, thereby making trading more efficient and economical. Term Structure, at the forefront of this innovation, has developed zkTrue-up, a customized ZK-rollup solution. It is designed to ensure data availability and enable gas-free order placements and cancellations in a fixed-income protocol like Term Structure, which uses the auction and orderbook mechanisms for order matching. This scaling solution further allows users to execute Forced Withdrawal through the zkTrue-up contract for fund withdrawal in scenarios such as censorship. In case of any failure, users can trigger the Evacuation Mode to carry out an evacuation on the L1 contract to protect their assets.

With the expected launch of Term Structure's mainnet in 2024, the protocol is dedicated to continuously upgrading its customized ZK-rollup and to deepening the understanding of this technology and fixed-rate products. Please follow us on our social media for the latest updates.

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